Declaring an official hiatus :(

I have decided to take an official break from my much loved but severely neglected blog. My life is so hectic right now that I just have not been able to devote the time and energy that I want into "Coiffure". So rather than promise to do better I've decided to officially halt things. What's sad is that I have tons to share. Just no time. I am getting some things in order in my personal life and I PROMISE to be back soon in full force with tons of info and things to share. I hope you guys join me when I come back. Oh by the way before I go I just want to let yo guys know that I did reach my 1 year anniversary and I straightened with my new FHI falt iron and my hair has grown by leaps and bounds. Of course, no pics, but just wait. I will be back!


Almost One Year Natural!!!

So guess what's coming up!?!?!? On July 7th, 2009 I will have been completely relaxer free for ONE YEAR. How exciting. For my anniversary I've been thinking that I am going to straighten my hair. That will make the second time I've straightened since being natural. I wonder if I need a trim. Hmmm...I don't know. None of my ends are split that I know of so I guess not. I think I'll be able to better tell once my hair is straightened.
So anyway, I just wanted my plans for that day. Maybe you guys can let me know if you have any ideas of ways to celebrate my big day. Oh that reminds me that I am hoping to purchase me a new flat iron before then to straighten my hair with. I've had my eye on the "FHI Runway", but...umm...yeah..won't be paying $400 retail for something that heats up unless it's a clothes dryer sooo.... I've decided to go just a step down and get the FHI Platform which retails for $195.00 but I plan to use Ebay where they can be found for around $115.00. I've heard as well as read awesome things about it and I can't wait to try it out on my hair. I was thinking of having someone straighten it for me, but I've been on this whole diy kick and I do want to perfect that skill myself so, I'll be doing it myself. Well me and my Sabino (heat protectant)so as not to damage my precious kinks and curls. For more info about FHI you can visit their site at www.fhiheat.com


Random Quick Style

Ok so I couldn't take it any longer. I took my twists out and I have to say that I really see growth. The odd thing is that when I stretch my hair out I can't tell as much but what really makes me notice my growth is seeing how much larger my 'fro is. I will post comparison pics later. So on this day after I got out the shower I seemed to have been lacking curl definition (sigh) and although I love how big my 'fro has gotten I wasn't in the mood to wear it out and I was short on time. This is the style I came up with. I really liked it. So did my husband. Whaddya think?


Style Photo (from February)

Ok so this is a going to be a short post. I simply wanted to show you a style that I had a while back. I loved this style so much. I didn't braid this myself because I'm not that good at french braiding/cornrowing but that is a goal of mine for this summer. I do know how to braid, but I want them to look crisp and neat. I am going to be working on it. I'm gonna start with my daughters hair. With three daughters you'd think I'd be the best braider in town but I'm a little on the "just aight" side when it comes to braiding. So you know what that means. If I'm just "aight" on someone else's hair chances are doing my own hair will suck. And it does. Hopefully I will post a beautiful picture of freshlly cornrowed hair on MY head in about 3--4 months. Hmm, we'll see. Anyway, I look kinda mean on this picture but I'm not. I promise. Just look at at the style.


Updates, Staples, Stayed tuned....

Hello out there to anyone who may still happen to be following my few and far in between posts. How are you? Lol. I just wanted to give you guys a quick update on my hair as of late. I always say I am still enjoying my hair but I haven't really given any details lately. My excuse for absence is simply this; my main computer where I store all my photos is down and I also have been incredibly busy and I hate to just not let you guys see photos of what I'm doing to my hair. I do have a couple of back photos that I promise to upload soon but in the meantime I'll just give some updates.
I have somehow become obsessed with length and I have been unhappy with the growth I've acquired thus far so I decided to put my hair up so for the last 8 weeks I have been in kinky twists. I am on my second set in a row thus far. I (unfortunately) didn't take a picture of the first set but I will get a picture of the set I have now. I am getting much better at them by the way. My hair is growing and I am excited to get this next 3-4 weeks out of the way because then I am going to be having a GRAND time playing in my hair.
I am learning what products work for my hair and that in itself is so freeing because it frees me from trying every product that is raved about on the scene. And there are ALOT. There will always be a new, exciting, and amazing product or line of products. Now I'm not saying that you shouldn't try them or anything but I just find a comfort in knowing that I have some staples in my hair life. Huh? What are my staples? Oh. Sure I'll tell you what staples I've acquired thus far.

-Shea butter
- Hands down one of THE BEST moisturizers ever. Atleast for my hair.
-Kemi Oyl- Omg! ya'll already know. I dedicated an entire post to this product awhile back.
-My Homeade Spritzer- Now this is my own recipe. It's a very simple, no measure (for the most part)Mixture made of 1 part glycerin (or veggie glycerin. I've tried both they work the same to me) to 2 parts water. I then add a bit of jojoba oil (you don't have to use jojoba) and finally about 5 drops of peppermint oil for prservation and scalp stimulation. I just can't tell you how much my hair loves this. I use this as my braid spray while my twists are in.
I also have some other staple shampoo and conitioners but I am always on the lookout for a great conditioner so I guess the PJ in me lives to fight another day. :P


It's deeper than just hair!

Making the decision to go natural for me was not a great call or something that weighed heavy on my heart. Quite simply, my cousin/best friend made the decison to go natural and made the comment that it would be great if I were to go along with her. I thought about it for a little bit and decided that it wasn't a bad idea. I'd always had fast growing hair so if I hated it I would just grow it back out and relax it. No big deal. So I told her yes. That is how my journey began.
Well in this process it has become a sort of passion for me. Wearing my natural hair has changed my life in more ways than I ever imagined. For starters it has turned me into a true do-it-yourselfer. I have learned sooooo much about how to care for my hair in the past year, from my transition to now; 10 months natural. I love being able to think of a style and attempting it on my own hair. I love that I know when my hair's moisture/protein balance is off. I love that I know how to take care of my own hair and I actually prefer it.
One year ago I was clueless about my hair. Yes my hair grew fast, but I would always have breakage in my crown area. If I wasn't going to the salon my hair was a mess and I hated wash days. That's like my favorite day now. Or should I say days, considering that in the summer I cowash atleast 3 times a week.
Over time being natural has allowed me to embrace a me that I didn't realize I was denying. Not just me "Shara". but me black woman. I quickly began to be offended when hearing the term, "good hair" or "bad hair". I can't stand to hear, "they need to put a perm on that girls nappy hair". It is so offensive to me for a person to be considered less attractive if their hair isn't straight. Now granted there are some unpleasant looking natural heads of hair that need to get it together or mom's that need to learn how to care for their daughter's natural hair, but that is the same for relaxed, texlaxed, and the like. It is so sad to see a beautiful little black girl walking around with pretty, straight hair in some nice bun but the outer edges have been eaten away due to over processing of harsh chemicals or weakened due to the same. And before I go any further I want to say that I do not think relaxers are the worst thing in the world. My issue is when people think that straight hair alone equals beauty.
The main reason for my post is yet to be discussed. I am making this blog post in honor of My Lord. I have through the journey of becoming natural have found a truer understanding and appreciation for God's handiwork; ME! I AM HIS CREATION. He made me with kinky curly hair. He made me with different textures in this head of hair. My big nose that I have always hated and wished away; Yep he hand crafted that and placed it right above my full lips. He thought he did a great job yet here I am having the nerve to call what the Masters hands created, too big. WOW. That's audacious! I'm learning more and more that my being placed here is simply for HIS glory. I was created for his glory. He made me exactly how he wanted me to be and I am learning to see the beauty in what I once saw as less than. I am so full right now that I could type for another 3 hours on this subject, but I digress.
BTW, I know I haven't posted in forver but life has been hectic for me lately and I can't even promise to update more often. Not now anyway. My desire is to do so but life is happening BIG time right now. I will say that I am still loving my hair and have many things to share and one day I hope to update you all with all that I have learned and different styles and product raves/reviews.

P.S I really wrote this post to the Lord but maybe it will bless you too.


Product RAVE!!! "Amala Cream Rinse"

"Amala Cream Rinse" By Hairveda.... Well for starters I made my first purchase from hairveda.com over two months ago and I actually never ordered "Amala Cream Rinse" but some other products. Somehow I recieved this product in error. Well I contacted customer service who told me to just go ahead and keep it. Ladies, let me tell you, I would have never ordered this product because I just didn't need it. Conditioners and moisturizers excite me, but I never stray too away far from my "CON" shampoo. Anyway, like I said, I never ordered it and wasn't even really excited about getting a free product because it simply didn't interest me. Well about 2-3 weeks after having it I finally used it to cowash my hair. Ladies....let me tell you I LOVE it! It is very mild but I can tell that it truly removes residue from my hair without any stripping AT ALL. Imagine that. I can't really explain it but I'll say it has no special smell, it doesn't make my hair super soft, nor does it have any great slip to it, yet I just can't get enough of it. I feel like it does exactly what it's supposed to do without any extra fuss. Of course I use (and you should too) a conditioner afterwards. This is not a conditioner so don't purchase it with hopes of it transforming your kinks to soft waves. This is not what it does. All I can say is that I HIGHLY recommend it for cleaning your hair and scalp.


Scab hair

Ok, so if you pay attention to the newest hair growth in the front of my hair (see picture in previous post), you know, the "dreaded" stubborn hair that won't do what I tell it, well anyway, I think the new growth is more curly and similar in texture to the rest of my hair. I guess it was scab hair. In case you don't know what that is here's a definition I've borrowed from Motowngirl.com
"scab hair- The hair directly underneath the scalp that has been affected by the harsh chemicals. Even though the hair is newgrowth it isn't "trained" to behave in it's natural state. The hair is still sort of straight, very dry and brittle. It usually takes somewhere around 6 months to completely grow out. Not eveyone experiences scab hair. The longer a person was relaxed the more likely they are to be affected."
I sometimes wish I had transitioned for about 5-6 months and then cut my hair down to about 1" and bypassed the scab hair. I say that because that scab hair was no joke to deal with during my teeny weeny afro stage. With that said, I still have enjoyed each stage of growth and I can't wait to take these kinky twists out and play with my hair again.

I'm back....

..After what seems like forever. I have so many things to share with you guys but I'll try to split it up over a couple of different posts. So, the first thing to tell you is that I recently passed my 6 month BC anniversary!!! I thought about posting that day but...well that's another story. When the BC anniversary came around I was trying to decide whether to really call that my natural anniversary or the date of my last relaxer. After thinking about it I've decided to call my actual natural anniversary the day of my last relaxer; March 22. Still 6 months since my BC is a great accomplishment and my hair has really grown. I'm LOVIN' it.
Next on the agenda I guess I'd better give you an updated picture. The pictures below are of a washngo. I used some new products that I'm really excited about but I'll tell you about those later.

Ok so the last update I'm going to pack into this one post is something that I am so super duper excited about! I finally did kinky twists on my own hair. I think they turned out beautifully. Especially considering that this is my 4th time doing them and the 1st time on my own hair. I used color 1B/350 and "Janet Collection" hair. I hope to give several more posts real soon.