Okay so I have many updates to share with you all. I want to be detailed as you all share in my journey so that, should any of you choose to embark upon this journey, and come across some of the same coifing issues as me, you'll have some suggestions and hopefully solutions. That being said, I need to do some serious prioritizing in my life and "Coiffure" is a little further down on the list. I have all this stuff in my head and not in my blog. Stayed tuned though. I have some uum uum goodies for ya'll!



Ok, so I got the itch (big time) and I scratched it. I DID THE BC!!! I am surprisingly, completely comfortable with it. I got it cut 2 days ago and I went to Starbucks last night with my cousin, which my first time out with my hair and I gotta tell ya, It felt completely natural (no pun intended). There was no self consciousness at all. My people have all been really supportive of me. My husband said he really liked it, but he said even more he liked how I just embraced the whole thing. That made me feel great of course. This is not something I would've ever thought I would do to my hair, but hey... you never know. I feel a little more grown up too. Lol. I like it even though I gotta say, I wish this hair up top would just act right. It won't curl. The back and sides are all curly while the top is just like, "NO, I'm not curling". What the deuce? (smile Chas) Hopefully it will begin to shape up soon.

written July 9, 2008

Can't wait until I'm "All Natural"

So it's been a little while since I last blogged, but I'm back at the urging of my friend. I have had alot going on with my hair lately but writing it down is another story.
Where to start....Ok, so in reading my last post, I have to tell you that my ideals have changed a bit. I don't know that I'll be wearing my hair straight most of the time. I am in love with natural texture in people's hair, and get this.....I love afros on some people, so I guess you just never know.
I have been learning alot about hair health in the last couple of months and I have definitely been putting it into practice. Between my 3 girls and I, my poor overstuffed closet can't hold all the hair products I've been buying. I have become a serious PJ (product junkie). I have found some staples though. I'll blog about those later.
The problem I've been having is that it's so hard to deal with two textures of hair because the two textures need completely different products. My relaxed hair needs moisture, but not too much because I don't want to weigh it down, while my NG (new growth) needs all the moisture it can get. Ok, so how am I gonna cater to both. Still haven't figured that one out.
I had been contemplating cutting my relaxed ends off, so I cut a piece in the back to see the texture and I really liked it so I had my sis-n-law cut the rest of the back for me. Kinda like where it would be tapered at. I really like it. I've been able to play with it without messing up my style because before I cut it, I couldn't keep my hands off my NG and would ruin my styles. Now I just play with the back. I keep thinking about cutting the rest of the relaxed hair off. I'm pretty sure I'll do it soon. I'll keep you posted!!

written July 2, 2008

I'm Going Natural!!!

Yep that's right, I'm going natural. I'm gonna grow my relaxer out. Now I don't mean "rough and stuff with my afro puffs" natural. I simply mean, "growing my relaxer out" natural. I'm sure I'll wear it straight most of the time... maybe curly sometimes..twists here, wild there, but the whole afro thing is not really my style. The hope is that my hair will be alot more healthy. It's not extremely unhealthy, but I have breakage problems in my crown area. I'm very excited about this and I have already been searching for products that will help me manage my mane. I wonder what it'll look like. I remember what it looked like as a kid but I've heard that after a relaxer, your natural hair texture won't be the same. I don't know if that's true but I'm just wondering. I haven't had a relaxer since March 23 of this year so I'm about 5 weeks in. This is the first time I actually want to see new growth. Most times people grow their hair out natural for a long time and then make the BIG CHOP, which simply means cutting off all the relaxed hair, sooo....I just shaved all my hair off..........

No seriously, I would never really do that, but I did cut off about 6 inches. I just decided to cut it up and get the ball rolling so that when I do decide to cut all the relaxer off, it won't be as dramatic. I was thinking of cutting it anyway. Aren't you guys excited for me !?!

Before & After

written May 2, 2008