Style Photo (from February)

Ok so this is a going to be a short post. I simply wanted to show you a style that I had a while back. I loved this style so much. I didn't braid this myself because I'm not that good at french braiding/cornrowing but that is a goal of mine for this summer. I do know how to braid, but I want them to look crisp and neat. I am going to be working on it. I'm gonna start with my daughters hair. With three daughters you'd think I'd be the best braider in town but I'm a little on the "just aight" side when it comes to braiding. So you know what that means. If I'm just "aight" on someone else's hair chances are doing my own hair will suck. And it does. Hopefully I will post a beautiful picture of freshlly cornrowed hair on MY head in about 3--4 months. Hmm, we'll see. Anyway, I look kinda mean on this picture but I'm not. I promise. Just look at at the style.

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