I'm so over the whole "TWA" thing!

Ok so I did it. I experienced it. I tried to figure out which products would work best for it. Now I'm over it. I enjoyed my short stint with the "TWA", but now it's over. I'm at a weird length that's in between TWA and BA (big afro. Some would add an extra "A" to BA, but anyway....I'm ready to just put this stuff up in some braids and revisit it in an inch or two. I'm planning on getting microbraids in a week or so but in the meantime I decided to blow it out and then straighten it. It was great the first day. It was a funky little rocker-do. Unfortunately, I didn't go anywhere so noone saw it, but I did take a picture. So here you go. Oh yeah, I plan on updating a little more often. I'm terrible with that I know. I'm going to do better. Btw, It doesn't look as good but it's still straight 3 days later. I attribute that to SMB (sabino Moisture Block) www.sabinohair.com. Check it out.

Check out my 'fro

I have been trying to be a bit more adventurous with my hair. All that means is that I've been trying to be ok with wearing an afro. While I think they look good on others', I'm not as comfortable with it on me. I've tried it several times and really didn't feel good about it, but forced myself to rock it. Well for some reason on one particular day I actually loved it. Me and my 'fro looked good that day! :-). I've had days since, where again, I DID NOT like it, but...I had my one good 'fro day. I have to say that I don't think it looks as good in the pics but here goes anyway.