Success!!! All Natural Deodorant

I went through the two week antiperspirant detox process and my old recipe was still not working to my satisfaction. I was sick of having to carry alcohol pads around with me everywhere and finally decided that it was time to tweak the recipe.

Here's what I used:

~4oz. Coconut Oil
~1oz. of Beeswax
~1/2 Cup Arrowroot powder
~1/2 Cornstarch
~2-3 Teaspoons of any essential oil with antibacterial properties. I used lemongrass.

I simply melted down the beeswax (use a double boiler if you have one) and added the coconut oil. Next I added the arrowroot powder and cornstarch. Finally, I added the essential oils and transferred it to my jars. I believe this mixture made about 12oz. This should last quite some time. I use small plastic jars to put my deodorant in and I rub it on my armpit with my finger but you can always use an old antiperspirant bottle or purchase deodorant jars from here if you'd prefer.

I used beeswax for firmness since coconut oil melts at 76 degrees. Beeswax melts at around 86 degrees. I used a half mix of arrowroot and cornstarch but you could simply use 1 cup of arrowroot or 1 cup of cornstarch . I only mixed the two because I ran out of arrowroot powder. Also I can not tell you how much I love the lemongrass scent. It leaves me smelling so fresh and clean. I have used this for a little under 2 weeks now and I have not had to reapply it throughout the day. I even used the Stairmaster for 25 minutes and my deodorant was still hard at work. I am so pleased!

Buyer Beware: Tangle Teezer

If you read alot of blogs or frequent many hair boards you may be well aware by now that the Tangle Teezer has been met with less than flattering reviews after extended use. Some have said that the Tangle Teezer has resulted in breakage and some have reported that they have many more single strand knots.

I would like to say that this has not been my experience with the Tangle Teezer. I have not had any adverse effects from using it that I have been able to tell, but I thought it only fair to share this info with my readers who possibly purchased the Tangle Teezer based on my review.

I have to admit that I am more skeptical of using it now. I use it only when I have a horrible tangle situation on my hands now. This past weekend I had to pull it out and it was a true time saver. I was so completely happy to have it at that time because I probably would have had more breakage than could result from the Tangle Teezer if I was left to use only my comb.

I admonish you all to use this product and any other styling product with caution. If you are met with unfavorable results from any product by all means stop using it. Don't feel the need to jump on every bandwagon or highly raved product especially if it doesn't work for you. At the same time what doesn't work for one may work for another.