Scab hair

Ok, so if you pay attention to the newest hair growth in the front of my hair (see picture in previous post), you know, the "dreaded" stubborn hair that won't do what I tell it, well anyway, I think the new growth is more curly and similar in texture to the rest of my hair. I guess it was scab hair. In case you don't know what that is here's a definition I've borrowed from Motowngirl.com
"scab hair- The hair directly underneath the scalp that has been affected by the harsh chemicals. Even though the hair is newgrowth it isn't "trained" to behave in it's natural state. The hair is still sort of straight, very dry and brittle. It usually takes somewhere around 6 months to completely grow out. Not eveyone experiences scab hair. The longer a person was relaxed the more likely they are to be affected."
I sometimes wish I had transitioned for about 5-6 months and then cut my hair down to about 1" and bypassed the scab hair. I say that because that scab hair was no joke to deal with during my teeny weeny afro stage. With that said, I still have enjoyed each stage of growth and I can't wait to take these kinky twists out and play with my hair again.

I'm back....

..After what seems like forever. I have so many things to share with you guys but I'll try to split it up over a couple of different posts. So, the first thing to tell you is that I recently passed my 6 month BC anniversary!!! I thought about posting that day but...well that's another story. When the BC anniversary came around I was trying to decide whether to really call that my natural anniversary or the date of my last relaxer. After thinking about it I've decided to call my actual natural anniversary the day of my last relaxer; March 22. Still 6 months since my BC is a great accomplishment and my hair has really grown. I'm LOVIN' it.
Next on the agenda I guess I'd better give you an updated picture. The pictures below are of a washngo. I used some new products that I'm really excited about but I'll tell you about those later.

Ok so the last update I'm going to pack into this one post is something that I am so super duper excited about! I finally did kinky twists on my own hair. I think they turned out beautifully. Especially considering that this is my 4th time doing them and the 1st time on my own hair. I used color 1B/350 and "Janet Collection" hair. I hope to give several more posts real soon.