2nd Natural Anniversary!!

It was 2 years ago yesterday that I officially returned to the natural state that God created me in. So exciting! I planned to do many fun things to celebrate this day but I didn't calculate the fact that I would be out of town right up until this came so....yeah that didn't really happen. That said, it is still my anniversary and I want to atleast acknowledge it.
I initially planned to straighten my hair for a length check and even purchase some goodies for my hair. All these things never happened. Booo. I suck. Lol.
On to other things; today I just randomly picked up a small piece of my hair and started braiding it and when I looked at it I thought, "wow, this is really cute". So I decided to do my whole head, Now the thing with this is that the braids are reeeeally small so it's gonna take me forever, but I'm game, so I'll update with pictures as soon as I finish. I'm hoping to keep these in for atleast a month, washing them while I have them. It should be a good rest for my hair.

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