I'm Going Natural!!!

Yep that's right, I'm going natural. I'm gonna grow my relaxer out. Now I don't mean "rough and stuff with my afro puffs" natural. I simply mean, "growing my relaxer out" natural. I'm sure I'll wear it straight most of the time... maybe curly sometimes..twists here, wild there, but the whole afro thing is not really my style. The hope is that my hair will be alot more healthy. It's not extremely unhealthy, but I have breakage problems in my crown area. I'm very excited about this and I have already been searching for products that will help me manage my mane. I wonder what it'll look like. I remember what it looked like as a kid but I've heard that after a relaxer, your natural hair texture won't be the same. I don't know if that's true but I'm just wondering. I haven't had a relaxer since March 23 of this year so I'm about 5 weeks in. This is the first time I actually want to see new growth. Most times people grow their hair out natural for a long time and then make the BIG CHOP, which simply means cutting off all the relaxed hair, sooo....I just shaved all my hair off..........

No seriously, I would never really do that, but I did cut off about 6 inches. I just decided to cut it up and get the ball rolling so that when I do decide to cut all the relaxer off, it won't be as dramatic. I was thinking of cutting it anyway. Aren't you guys excited for me !?!

Before & After

written May 2, 2008

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