Can't wait until I'm "All Natural"

So it's been a little while since I last blogged, but I'm back at the urging of my friend. I have had alot going on with my hair lately but writing it down is another story.
Where to start....Ok, so in reading my last post, I have to tell you that my ideals have changed a bit. I don't know that I'll be wearing my hair straight most of the time. I am in love with natural texture in people's hair, and get this.....I love afros on some people, so I guess you just never know.
I have been learning alot about hair health in the last couple of months and I have definitely been putting it into practice. Between my 3 girls and I, my poor overstuffed closet can't hold all the hair products I've been buying. I have become a serious PJ (product junkie). I have found some staples though. I'll blog about those later.
The problem I've been having is that it's so hard to deal with two textures of hair because the two textures need completely different products. My relaxed hair needs moisture, but not too much because I don't want to weigh it down, while my NG (new growth) needs all the moisture it can get. Ok, so how am I gonna cater to both. Still haven't figured that one out.
I had been contemplating cutting my relaxed ends off, so I cut a piece in the back to see the texture and I really liked it so I had my sis-n-law cut the rest of the back for me. Kinda like where it would be tapered at. I really like it. I've been able to play with it without messing up my style because before I cut it, I couldn't keep my hands off my NG and would ruin my styles. Now I just play with the back. I keep thinking about cutting the rest of the relaxed hair off. I'm pretty sure I'll do it soon. I'll keep you posted!!

written July 2, 2008

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