Ok, so I got the itch (big time) and I scratched it. I DID THE BC!!! I am surprisingly, completely comfortable with it. I got it cut 2 days ago and I went to Starbucks last night with my cousin, which my first time out with my hair and I gotta tell ya, It felt completely natural (no pun intended). There was no self consciousness at all. My people have all been really supportive of me. My husband said he really liked it, but he said even more he liked how I just embraced the whole thing. That made me feel great of course. This is not something I would've ever thought I would do to my hair, but hey... you never know. I feel a little more grown up too. Lol. I like it even though I gotta say, I wish this hair up top would just act right. It won't curl. The back and sides are all curly while the top is just like, "NO, I'm not curling". What the deuce? (smile Chas) Hopefully it will begin to shape up soon.

written July 9, 2008


These Three Kings said...

okay..this looks real good!!! i am sooo scarred to do it..dang.. i really need to.. i have been wearing braids for about 8 months now

girl..you have inspired me!

Shara said...

Inspired...(blushes)..who...me.... Lol. Is that something you were contemplating? You should have a good amount of NG by now. Plus if you don't wanna cut it yet, you could just trim an inch per month until all the relaxer is gone. I personally wanted to experience every stage of growth though.