Braid Challenge #1

I finally started the challenge I set forth for myself about keeping my daughters hair in braids. I must say it went SO much smoother that I had expected. I had built up this horrible experience in my mind where it would take forever. Where I would simply have force myself to complete the task. It turned out nothing like that.

I guess all my obsessing about it is what helped me though. See, what I concluded upon completeion is that it worked out so well because I planned everything in my head many times over. I had a plan! :) I'll tell you what I did.

First of all, I washed her hair on Monday night and let her DC overnight with ORS Hair Mayo (Man, I love that stuff). Tuesday I rinsed the DC and immediately detangled her hair and parted it into sections.

I put the hair in knots so that it would retain the moisture longer. I did this because the second her hair starts to dry I have to detangle it again. That being said, once I got to each section I blow dried it for a few minutes. Just enough the knock out some of the moisture and elongate the hair.

I moisturized each section as I got to it using EVCO (Extra Virgin Coconut Oil). I then braided the back section and continued on the next section repeating the blow dry, moisturize, braid process until I reached the front section.

Once I completed the braids I twisted the front section into two strand twists.

As you can see I knotted the hair in the back. Although I forgot to take pictures I eventually took them down and let her wear it curly.

I will take the front twists down for a twistout once it's been up for a week.

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