Ugh!! Shame on me.

I've always been of the mindset that hair is just hair and it will grow back so I never agonized much over cutting my hair. If I wanted a cut little bob or whatever new style struck my fancy at the time I just cut it. Since being natural that has changed. Yes, hair is still hair, and yes it will grow back, but I guess I just value it more. I grew this hair from 1 inch long to now around APL with great love and care so I won't be just haphazardly chopping it off. The BIG chop was enough for me to last quite awhile.

Having said all that, the other day I really considered it. Even it was for a split second. I also considered becoming a natural head who only wears her hair straight. I thought on that a little longer.

Why did I consider these things? Tangles! That's why. Ughhhh! I can't really be mad at my hair it was just doing what it normally does. I was just being a lazy bum. I started out with a a fro and over a couple of days ended up putting it in a puff. The problem is I've been working some extra shifts at work so I've been low on time and I was just pretty much halfway doing it and leaving. I wasn't fluffing it out or moisturizing it. On top of that I was sleeping like a comatose patient all over my poor hair. So again my hair was doing exactly what it should've done in that instance. It tangled and curled on itself something horrible. By the time I sat down to detangle it I just wanted to cut it.

Wanna take a guess at how long it took me to detangle it? Well I couldn't really tell you. I detangled some fell asleep and started again but I guess it was somewhere 4-5 hours. I KNOW right! Unbelievable. I will never let my hair get like that again. I hope. So I'm sure you know that I'll be in protective styles for a minute now. I put some small (not quite mini) twists in my hair last night.

Ladies, hear me and hear me well. Don't do this to yourselves. Take the extra few minutes to properly care for your hair.


Lakeisha said...

((Applause)) :)

These Three Kings said...

thanks for the update and wisdom. sorry about ya hair.

Sofopa said...

Hey Shara~ just wanted to let you know i've opened my blog now so check it out! im on your followers now so i think you can get to it from there? if not let me know and i will send u exact address...also i emailed you but dont think you checked it, ha