EZ Combs

I'm sure everyone has seen these hair accessories around enough to be a little familiar with them. I had seen them many times and even stopped to look at them in the stores but I guess I figured my hair was too thick to really be able to use them. Well Sally's had them on sale a few weeks ago for around four or five dollars. SOLD...to the woman with the giant 'fro. Lol.
So I got the EZ Combs home and sat with me them for a weel or so amd finally one day after I had done a braid out I decided to give them a try. Here is the result. I personally thought it turned out fabulous!

The next day I pulled this bang back into the ez comb in a hump. It looked even better but I didnt get a pic of that.


Sonlla said...

Cute! U reminded me of this other "goody" bobbypin thingy that i wanted to buy and try...maybe you've seen the commerical, its supposed to be like 20 bobbypins into one...anyway i so wanna try it...and you are gonna quit ignoring me you hear? I have emailed you, commented and nothin! check your email and email me... :o)

Lakeisha said...

That looks gorgeous! Oh and stop ignoring Sonlla! Do your hear me? Stop it I say! Just stop it!!!. Lol
P.S. Do you have to have the captcha on? It's making me type "cophoria" to leave a comment. What in the world is a cophoria???

Lakeisha said...

P.P.S. I looked up "cophoria"..... Oxford English Dictionary said, " No entries found". Madness I tell you, pure madness. Smh.

~Marti26. said...

Sonlla! Im soooo sorry. Forgive me. I suck. Lol. I actually went and looked at your blog and everything and never commented cause I got too caught up in reading it ten got busy. I'm gonna respond to your email now. Oh and btw I need to know details on your Insanity results.
Oh and Keisha..cracking up at "cophoria" and thank you both.