Embracing the FRIZZ!!

Do you ever see photos of women with natural hair and it's very...organic....frizzy...almost messy but OH so gorgeous? Whenever I see those photos I am inspired to experiment with my own hair. Now fast forward to me actually doing my own hair and it's a totally different story. I for some reason feel that my hair has to be really defined with no fly aways or frizzed edges. Forget about a chunky fro. It either needs to be purposely textured or fluffed out. No middle geound. Now why is that? On someone else it's beautiful. On me I feel like it looks like I either didn't finish styling it or the style got ruined. When that happens I usually just wash it out or comb all the texture out and end up with a fro or a puff.
Well that was the past. I've decided to EMBRACE THE FRIZZ people!! I want to look organic and afrocentric too. I think one of the most beautiful things about having natural hair is embracing new forms of beauty even within the natural hair community. That's just something that's been on my mind and I wanted to share that with you guys. I'll leave you all with some beautifully "frizzy" and or "organicly messy" coifs.


Sonlla Parker-Sofopa said...

Hey Shara! Its Sonlla, remember me, you should, shoot! Anyway Sherise shared with me your blog, let me 1st say ur hair is beautiful and ur girls hair, wow, so beautiful! Anyway I jus wnted 2 comment on the frizz thing, I thght it was funny u wrote abt this b/c I am the same way w/ my girls hair, luv the frizz, standouts on other kids but when its on my own it never seems to be as cute, y is that? Lol!! Anyway I'm abt 2 start my own blog and will share with u when I do, I've been procrastinating for a few mos now, ha

~Marti26. said...

Of course I remember you girl! Thanks for stopping through and for the compliments. But see you gave someting to think about again because I wasn't even talking about my kids. Uhn uhn, I do NOT like frizz on them. Lol. Shame on me. I'm gonna have to think about this.
Make sure you send me your blog address when you get it started.

Sofopa said...

Yea I knew u were talkin abt urself but it jus made me thk abt the kids hair! Lol...altho I'm jealous of their hair anyway and wish my hair was like theirs! :)