How did I ever leave you?

Okay, so you know how we find something that we like, we use it for awhile, then we move on to something better? Well sometimes, we revisit that first thing and wonder, "How did I ever leave you?". That's what happened to me when I needed some oil for my DDs hair and I just didn't feel like going into the kitchen and running hot water over my coconut oil bottle for 2 minutes for it to liquify. So instead, I grabbed the small bottle of "Kemi Oyl" I had long since abandoned in the bottom of the barrette box. I added some of the "Oyl" to my babies freshly washed scalp and hair, just like I would the coconut oil, and WHEW, did it BLIIIING!! It was so shiny, not to mention her scalp just soaked it up. A little goes a long way too. I was on the last little bit of that small bottle, but don't think I didn't run right out and get the largest bottle I could find at the next opportunity I got.
Come to think of it I have picked up a couple of higher (for me) ticket products in the past couple weeks. Seems that PJ in me is coming back full force. I also just purchased a full size, 3oz. :( bottle of Sabino Moisture Block. SMB costs 21 bucks online and 6.95 shipping. I really wanted to get a bottle but I was not trying to pay 7 bucks for shipping.(Me and shipping rates do not get along) But luckily the nice lady from Sabino Hair: Diane, told me about a salon in my area that sells the product. I, of course, ran right over and picked up a bottle for only 20 bucks. Shoot I saved $7.95!
Anyway, for those interested in or ignorant of this product and what it does you can visit their site at www.sabinohair.com. I'm sure once I decide to straighten my own hair again, I'll be able to tell you more.

Oh, and just one more product I have my eye on... "HairVeda Whipped Cream" (description from www.hairveda.com)
Not too heavy, not too light! Whipped Cream has Just the right amount of moisture and oils to give you moisturized ends. Whipped (Baggy) Cream was originally formulated to work with the baggie method. However our customers reported that they use it for rollersetting, wash-and-go styles, sleek ponytails, and as a leave in conditioner. Just a dime size amount will do! It softens your new growth, adds unbelievable shine and gives new life to your hair! Your ends will love HairVeda's signature Whipped Cream.

Before, I leave I just want to say that my initial goal for this blog was and still is to provide atleast weekly updates, however I have had some changes occur in my schedule lately that have caused me to be off in my timing. I am learning to balance my time a bit better so I hope to update a little, or really a lot more often. I hope to add more updated pics as well. I am having a blast with my hair though. I just love all the new styles I'm trying. So hopefully I'll add a new post by weeks end. We'll see. Pray for me. I need balance in every area.

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