Totally twisted over "Totally Twisted"

So for the past few weeks I had been trying to do some different things with my hair. Ok, so there isn't a whole lot I can do to my hair right now, I know but I was trying to get away from my regular curly wash n' go. I was basically just wearing it in an afro. I gotta say I'm not too fond of that look on my hair right now. Atleast not at this length, but hey, I tried it. I also attempted to twist my hair. By "twist", i just mean, taking a smal piece of my hair and twisting it until is stays. It was actually looking ok until I got to the DREADED front of my hair. It just flat out said, "NO, I'm not twisting". I don't know why I was acting all brand new like I didn't know what was up. LOL. I just figured it was a brand new day. (shout out to Keisha. LOL) Anyway, I guess by me wearing it combed for so long, my hair got used to it because after I washed my hair yesterday (using CON (creme of nature) and I even deep conditioned) it just wasn't behaving (of course you know I'm talking about my "bad patch" lol) at all. It barely wanted to curl at all. It was frizzy and straight so I just put a cut little flower in the front and went on about my day. So today I cowashed using my VO5 Strawberries and Cream followed by Herbal Essences Totally Twisted. I let the TT sit on my hair while I showered and by the time I washed it out, my hair was sooo soft. It was so puurty. I just love Totally Twisted!! It's not 100% but with a couple more washes it'll be back. Oh yeah, I bought this cute little headband at Walmart for $1.00 (see Nicole, I'm thrifty too.: )) from the Clearance aisle. I like how it turned out.


These Three Kings said...

OKAAYYY!!! PROPS to your thriftiness is in order!! LOL
LOVE it!!
I can tell it is very well conditioned/moisturized!! Go girl!! I am going to have to try that!!

thanks for posting, so cute!

These Three Kings said...

sorry for double posting but.. Do they sale this at walamart or CVS??

Shara said...

So sorry Nicole. I am just now seeing this. I accidentally changed my settings.
It will be cheaper at Walmart. It's on sale now for $5.00 for a large bottle. The smaller size is not on sale. It's $2.94 which is still not bad especially since you're used to buying Miss Jessie's product. LOL.

These Three Kings said...

oh whatever sista!! LOL!!

I cant do that :)