Tips and Tricks for the TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro) 1st edition

I shared in a previous post that it's my intention to share all of my hair woes and successes with you all in the hopes that if any should have my struggles, you'll have some solutions. It's true that everyone's hair is different, but maybe, just maybe I can save you some trouble.
One of the unique (annoying) things about my newly natural hair, is that there are different textures in it. Now that probably wouldn't be so bad if the textures were, say, some small kinky curls and some larger softer curls. That is not the case with my hair. My hair has smaller soft silky curls in tha back and on the sides, while the front and top of my hair is almost bone straight and actually quite dry. Sure, when it's wet it slightly curls up into large loose curls but I can not manipulate them at all if I want to maintain the curl. The result of doing that leaves me with straight, frizzy, dry looking hair in front and on the sides and with beautiful moist looking small coilies everywhere else.
So in short my issues are lack of curl definition and frizziness. To that, this is my solution: After shampooing or cowashing (washing with conditioner) I do not, repeat DO NOT, towel dry it. I put in my hand a quarter size amount of cheapie conditioner, like VO5 ( I love Moisture Milks Strawberries and Cream... ummm) or Suave, or even Herbal Essences conditioners which I really like (esp. Totally Twisted in purple bottle) but you have to be careful to apply a conditioner that's not too thick because you'll have to manipulate the hair too much to get in into your hair thus making this all in vain. With the conditioner in my hand I add an equal part of castor oil and rub it together and put in my hair. I am still careful not to manipulate the hair too much. I find that the conditioner moisturizes well and the castor oil gives great shine. It can be a little annoying with the water dripping down but I just wipe the water off and soon it stops dripping. If I'm in a rush I'll spray my heat protector on my hair (that adds shine as well) and blowdry my hair on warm until it stops dripping.
Notice how the front is a completely different texture. This is what it looked like before. I don't have an after picture but it does help. (Click pic to see larger)

See how curly it is on the side versus the top. UGH!!


These Three Kings said...

girl it looks good!! you have a pretty hair!! have you tried Miss Jessie products..that is what I have used on a friends hair the length of yours to bring out her natural curl..
check it out on missjessie's.com

thanks for the post..I am going to pass this on to a friend

Shara said...

Thanks girl! I have heard of her products, but I've never tried them. They are a little pricey but I did make a substitute version but didn't like it because it called for cocoa butter and I couldn't take the smell.

Teneshia said...

My Hair is like this too! You're not alone. Do you have any Chinese blood in your family? I do and I wonder if that's part of the reason for the varying texture.

Shara said...

No I don't have any Chinese in my blood.....atleast not that I know of : ), but us women of colour are known for having several different textures in one head of hair. That's just our hair. Thanks for your comment.

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