After the break.....

After quite the break I am back! Sorry to have been gone for so long but I had a ton of things going on (still do really) and I just plain needed a break. I hope you guys are well and are having a great time with your hair.

It has never been my intention to have a blog that was updated daily, but somewhere along the line I got caught up things and forgot that and began to feel guilty for not doing so. I want to update regularly as I always have something to share, it just may not be your idea of regular. Now that that's out of the way let's move on to updates.

I have undergone quite a transformation since the last time I have talked to you guys. I have moved into more of a natural hair care journey in every sense of the word. What I mean is that I have slowly been incorporating more natural hair products into my regimen, eliminating one's with harsh chemicals. I have not totally eradicated all chemical products from my stash but I am doing well with it.

I have mixed my own shea butter for quite some time. Almost for my entire natural hair journey. Have I ever mentioned that before? Hmm...I don't recall. Anyway, that was perfect for twists and such but I really needed a lighter moisturizer as well. I went on a search and tried many things. Both commercial and all natural products. I will do some reviews on the ones I have tried soon. I will say that I have finally found one that works.

I happened upon an all natural leave in that is a MIRACLE WORKER!!! I am very excited to tell you guys about this one. Some of my followers will have already heard me rave about this product but for those of you that haven't be prepared for a life changing product. Well that's a bit dramatic. Let's not place hair that high on the importance scale. But really it has definitely made my life easier.

Another product I have used since before I even completed my transition is my glycerin mix spray. I use this as a moisturizer before sealing with my shea butter. Clearly it works well since I have been using it for almost 3 years.

You guys know that I don't stray in the area of shampoos from my beloved CON (Creme of Nature) but I did find myself searching for an all natural substitute. I have tried several poos and yes am still on the hunt. I will still do a review of the ones I have tried. They are not all bad. They just didn't fully satisfy me.

I am still using the same conditioners as always which are ORS Replenishing Conditioner as well as ORS Hair Mayo. For cowashing I am still using V05 Moisture Milks and Herbal Essences Totally Twisted. Those have not changed but not for lack of trying. I simply haven't found replacements. I love those conditioners. If you're in the market for a new conditioner try one of these.

I plan to share all these things with you guys in detail in future posts. Don't worry, I will do them very soon.

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